Satpura national park

Canoeing Safari


Canoe ride in Satpura national park is offered at Madhai gate only. Usually we gains jungle safari experience through jeep or canter rides. It offers us exposure to land wildlife in which we have sightings of mammals, birds. Here in Satpura national park, Madhai entrance gate offers exposure to aquatic life through boat ride experience. Here variety of boat safari options are offered. Among them, canoe ride is most intrinsic safari experience to experience the life in and around water body. Denwa river passes through this entry gate. Along with this river, backwater of Tawa dam ensure water supply for long duration thus canoe ride can be experienced for duration popular safari season, from October to beginning of April. Canoe ride season is not accurately defined as it depends upon the availability of water level required for boating. Canoe is suitable for youngsters, family people, young couples, student groups, old age visitors. It is done with guide thus knowledge sharing goes paralled to ride.

What to experience

Canoeing in Satpura national park offers thrilling experience and better exposure to aquatic life and birds around backwater region. Denwa river has healthy presence of marsh crocodiles and gharials. While doing canoe ride, we will notice there presence, close to our boat. In addition to this, presence of fishes, turtles can also be seen here. During winters, many migratory birds visit India. We can experience presence of those birds in and around this backwater. This offers very good opportunity of birding and birds photography. Due to stability on water, it is very good medium for photography and videography thus many wildlife photographers, take this ride to capture some amazing wild moments.

How to book

It is operated through ticket counter, located at Madhai entry gate. It is booked on same date basis. This means, we can't do its advance booking or any online booking. Canoe ride is one of the additional acitivity, available for tourists, apart from jeep ride and walking safari. It is operated in between sunrise to sunset and can be booked through Madhai gate ticket counter. It is managed by park management authrity thus rates, booking procedure, rules are decided by them. As limited canoe boats are available thus it is offered on first come first serve basis. As in now, it can't booked in advance through any online platform thus tourists can book it from Madhai gate ticket counter only, by making cash payment to official person.

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