Satpura national park

Satpura Geography & Ecosystem

Satpura ranges are the locate in heart of Central India. They are not only known for being tallest mountain ranges but also very rich in bio-diversity. It has excellent topology ideal for wildlife and human settlements since time immemorial. It nestles rare species of flora & fauna. Rising to altitudes of more than 1300 metres above sea level, these mountains have rich forest covers, excellent bio-diversity, a large variety of wildlife species and, above all, hundreds of perennial fresh-water streams rushing down their slopes. This combination of mountains and water here has carved hundreds of caves, cave shelters and nature-made tunnels that became home to one of the earliest human civilizations. Science, art and spirituality blossomed here and the Satpuras became a heaven of life, peace and tranquility.

The terrain of the national park is extremely rugged and consists of fascinating deep valleys, sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, rivulets, waterfalls, thickly dense green forest of Sal and other medicinal herbs and Tawa vast reservoir. Un-even altitude ranges from 290m. to 1352 m. Highest peak of national park is in Satpura National Park i.e. Dhoopgarh at an altitude of 4500 feets(1400 m.). As it is the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh, sunlight reaches this peak earlier than anyother landscape of Madhya Pradesh.

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