Satpura national park

Indian Sloth Bear


Sloth bears have good presence at Satpura national park in Madhya Pradesh. If you are planning to visit Satpura tiger reserve for sloth bears photography then your decision will prove correct. This mammal species falls in "Vulnerable" category of conservation status. They belongs to mammalia class with family of Ursidae. There scientific name is Melursus ursinus. Although presence of Sloth bear in Central India can be experience in almost all the popular national parks like Kanha national park, Bandhavgarh, Pench national park, Panna national park etc. but probability of sighting varies. Mostly they are active in night hours thus probability increases in night safari drives. Here at Satpura national park, we can definitely expect sloth bear sighting, during safari drives.

Where to find ?

At Satpura national park, sloth bear sighting is mostly recorded during jungle safari drives of Madhai zone and Parsapani zone. During safari drive, we need to focus our safari for sloth bear sighting. For this you need to have a dedicated safari guide who will gather last safari sighting information from guides group and accordingly try to locate them in same region of park. Our guests have seen the sloth bear thus task is not so difficult but for this you need to be more focussed and have patience. We can find them in Madhai core zone in day-safari and Parsapani buffer zone in night safari.

How many safaris ?

For sloth bear sighting, we recommend to do at least 04 jungle safari drives. Do at least 03 safaris in Madhai zone and 01 night safari in Parsapani buffer zone. Only condition is to focus on this mammal species. Without focussing on sloth bear, if you will do safari in normal way like trying for tiger sighting and expecting sloth bear in suprised way, then it would be difficult. We need to compromise other sightings for sloth bear, then only guide will focus on this species, track the pugmarks, exchange information and tips from other guides of park and try to locate it for you. We followed the same plan for our guests and locate it for them. Wildlife moves in its own way, we can only focus and try so nothing is guaranteed here. Its all game of probability. More safaris means more probability.

Where to stay ?

For sloth bear sighting, we recommend to choose Madhai gate for stay and safaris. It is most popular gate of Satpura national park thus you will get accommodation options in all categories. Stay at Madhai gate will allow fast access to Madhai zone and Parsapani zone. This will allow us to spend more time in sloth bear habitat thus increase our probability to trace them and do the desired sloth bear photography.

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