Satpura national park

Indian Giant Squirrel


Indian wild dogs or Asiatic wild dogs are from Candid family and falls in endangered category of conservation status. At Satpura tiger reserve there population is healthy but sighting is not easy or we can say its sighting is occasional. In local language, they are called Sonkutta or Sonha which simply means golden dog due to there rufous body color. They are highly social animals thus most of the time found in groups of 4 to 20. Despite of there social nature, they are often terms as ruthless killing machine with high level of stemina to chase and kill down the prey. There prey are mostly spotted deer, sambar, wild boar, cinkara etc.


Asiatic wild dogs have grand presence in terms of area. They can be seen in Central Asia, Southern Asia and South-east Asia from countries like Nepal, India, Tibet, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. It India, we can mostly find them in Central India and South India forest areas. They can easily be seen in dense forest, rainly forest, arid regions, hilly terrains and plains. When we talk about there interaction with human beings, they can be seen near by village areas and buffer zone forests. At Satpura national park we can find them in hilly terrains to dry deciduous forest area.



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