Satpura national park

Madhai Zone


Madhai is actually the name of local village market area at Sarangpur village, on the bank of Denwa river. When Satpura forest was visited by British Indian officers, they choose this village as a point to cross the Denwa river and erect a rest house for night stay, helpful in forest management and hunting expedition trips. This building is still intact to reveal the past of Satpura tiger resrve forest. Now with the passage of time, when India gained freedom, this rest house was still used as entry gateway to this forest. Due to its across the river location, it offers inconvenience to normal visitors and was a challenge for tourism development thus a separate bulding was made in Sarangpur village to attend visitors and do official formalities. For better management, tiger reserve was diveded in to zones and naming was done as per popular local attractions thus Madhai zone was created. Today it is main tourism point for visiting Satpura national park.

How to reach Madhai gate

Madhai gate is actually located in Sarangpur village, near Denwa river bank. Majority of tourists are using this gate because it is oldest tourism gate and safari zone. It is located at 140 kms south-east of Bhopal city and 17km south of Sohagpur town. It is about 90 km west of Pachmarhi hill station thus easily accessible from Bhopal airport, railway station, Pachmarhi, Itarsi station. Due to remote location, away from main state highway, bus facility is poor thus taxi travel is highly recommended.

Madhai Gate Ticket Counter

If you are visiting Satpura national park through Madhai gate and have not done any advance permit booking then Madhai gate ticket counter is best solution for us. In ignorance, many tourists reached Madhai entry gate without advance online booking. Here Madhai gate ticket counter proves very helpful for them as it offers safari booking solution for them. They can visit this ticket counter and try to book there jungle safari drives. Similarly, at Madhai gate, we can do boat safari, canoe ride, walking safari and night safari. These activities enhance the travel experience of tourists. All these activities can be booked through Madhai gate ticket counter.

Madhai Zone Safari

Madhai zone of Satpura national park offers various safari experience to visitors like jeep safari, walking safari, boat safari, canoe ride. These variations are available in this zone only as river bank is in this zone access for tourists is possible in this zone only. Jeep safari is best way to explore the forest area of Madhai zone. Here we can find hilly terrains, rocky river banks, some small grasslands, dense Sal forest and marks of human establishments which reveals the historic importance of Madhai zone. It is best safari zone for sloth bear safari, leopard safari, birding, crocodile sighting, wild boar, wild dogs photography, sambar, Indian giant squirrel sighting. Safari permits quota of Madhai zone is highest thus majority of resorts and lodges are close to this zone.

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