Satpura national park

Satpura Tiger Reserve Safaris


As we know that Satpura national park is part of Satpura tiger reserve. Here Satpura national park safaris are done through two entrance gates thus safari zones are also accordingly divided. Jeep safari is most popular mode of safari in Satpura national park. Recently, Bori wildlife sanctuary has also been opened for tourism thus off-line jeep safaris are possible through Bori wildlife sanctuary. In compare to any other tiger reserve of Central India, Satpura tiger reserve offers variety of jungle safari options which includes safari by vehicle, walking safari, boat safari etc. It means by using variety of safari options, we can have better opportunity to explore the jungle and experience the wild nature. Here it is important to note that all major jeep safaris remain closed on Wednesday evening, Holi festival day and Diwali festival day.

Satpura National Park Safari

Satpura national park is important part of Satpura tiger reserve. At present it is having two popular entrance gates i.e. Madhai gate and Panaarpani gate. As per the name of these entrance gates, safari zones are named. Here forest Madhai zone and Panaarpani zone are core safari zones where as Jamanidev zone and Parsapani zone are buffer safari zones. If you are staying at resorts near Madhai gate, you can undertake safaris in Madhai zone, Parsapani zone and Jamanidev zone but not Panaarpani zone (due to long distance). If your are staying at Pachmarhi hill station hotels, you can do safari in Panaarpani zone. Some of the popular safari routes of Madhai gate safaris are Lagda camp, Jhinjini Mahal road, Chutki Dev route, Churna safari route. These safari route costs differently as per travel distance and can be choosed from ticket counter near entry gate.

Bori Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

It is popular forest of Satpura tiger reserve, located on southern slopes of Satpura hills. Satpura national park is on north of Bori wildlife sanctuary. Both the forests are interconnected by main their separate administrative existence. After gaining popularity of Satpura nationa park, Bori wildlife forest is also gaining interest of wildlife lovers. It is approx. 100 kms from Madhai entrance gates. Here we can do jeep safari and walking safaris. Here boat safari is not possible like Satpura national park by presence of anthrapological visits have compensated this gap with presence of many rock painting sites and ancient structures.

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