Satpura national park Safari

Denwa River Boating

Denwa river in Satpura National Park is main river for the forest. In addition to this Sone river is also their and fulfill water need of the park. Denwa river importance can be understood form the fact that it is called life-line of Satpura Tiger Reserve. While going for jungle safari from Madhai entrance gate, tourists cross this river. Their is Tawa Dam on Tawa river whose backwater is spread far into the channels of Denwa, Sonbhadra, Naini & Wagdwari rivers ensuring ample water availability to Satpura National Park & Bori wildlife sanctuary.

Boating in Denwa River
In addition to jeep safari & elephant safari, Park management offers boating also in Denwa river. It is charged service offered to visitors for which a sum of fee is required to be deposited into safari booking counter. Boat ride offers good chance to witness scenic beauty of Satpura hill and forests, chance to do sighting of crocodiles and even mammals sighting grazing close to river water. Similar to park management, some resorts also offers boat ride to its guests as an extra activity to do during stay.

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