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Satpura National Park wildlife is nestling in the lap of Satpura ranges. Park is among some of the most scenic nature reserves of India. Satpura Tiger Reserve is spread over Satpura range forest but with the inclusion of adjoining Bori Sanctuary and Pachmarhi, area of Satpura Tiger Reserve covers an area of 1427 sq.kms. Here Madhai gate is the main entrance point from which all safari activities are operated. Thus irrespective of your resort location, you have to reach Madhai entrance gate to avail all safari experience, through counter of Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. Ticket counter is located on the bank of Denwa backwater, in Madhai village. Although their are two more entrance gates for two Buffer zones i.e.

Satpura National Park Entrance Gates:

Their are 03 entrance gates for 3 safari zones: Madhai Gate from Madhai village, Jamani Dev Gate for Jamani Dev Buffer zone and Paraspani entrance gate to visit Paraspani zone. Here Madhai zone is the only core zone. Jamani Dev & Paraspani are two buffer zone options. Usually when safari tickets of Madhai zone gets sold out then tourists goe with buffer safari zones.

Canoe Ride in Denwa Backwater

Canoe ride in Satpuara national park is a small boat ride, offered on the backwater of Tawa Dam. It is offered to tourists in both Morning safari time & Evening safari time. Canoe is a small boat in which 3 persons can sit in which one compulsory person will be trained safari guide of park management. It is a wonderful safari experience in which you will drive through water in silent way, just close to water level. As we all know that crocodiles are present in this river thus during canoe ride, we will notice that some crocodile is just passing close to your boat, generate a thrilling experience. Similarly it is also very good for birding and bird photography as birds prefers to remain close to marshy land. During Canoe ride, we may have sighting of some common birds like Pied Kingfisher, Red Lapwing, Indian Thick Knee or Stone Curlew, Little Tern, River Tern, Brahminy Duck, Little Egret, Indian Skimmer, Red Wattled Lapwings, Eurasian Spoonbill etc. Some rare bird species like Indian Scissors Bill may also be seen during Canoe ride in Denwa backwater. If you have good camera with you, this ride will offer you so many chances of good photography that at the end you will have large volume of photo collection with you in which you will have many birds photographs, crocodiles, backwater and sunrise or sunset images. So we highly recommend this experience to visitors. For better canoe ride, plan your tour from October to March month. After March month, due to summer, water level get reduced and thus you will not be able to enjoy this ride.

Walking Safari in Satpura National Park

We all are fond of nature walks. In order to enjoy the nature & morning climate, we often go for morning walk, wherever we are living. In popular tiger reserves like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, we may enjoy nature trail but it is offered in buffer zone area, close to resort locations so level of thrill is less. But due to high tiger population, it is not justified to conduct such walks inside core zone. Here in Satpura national park, tiger density is less thus we have chance to do walking safar inside core zone. This is unique advantage in this national park. This walking safari is conducted by Park management thus you need to book it from ticket counter near Madhai entrance gate and go for it, in company of trained naturalist. Best thing about Satpura nationa park is that Denwa Backwater makes a natural boundary that restricts human disturbance to core zone forest thus here animals are more undisturbed from human society, local villagers, commercialization etc. For walking safari, you will be first taken across the backwater, on boat and from one silent point, our walking safari will begin. This site will be purely undisturbed, dense and assure you thrilling experience. It is best way to observe the nature from close, learn more about trees, do birding and mammal sighting. It is also very good for observing reptiles movement, insects, butterflies, spiders etc. Slow movement ensures better observance and thus ultimately enhance your understanding. Best time for walking safari is from October to March. After March month, due to summer, temperature will rise may pose some challenge.

Panaarpani Core Zone

In year 2019, Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh introduced one new core zone in Satpura Tiger Reserve. Till October 2019, their was only one core zone in Satpura national park i.e. Madhai Zone due to which, on many holiday dates, this core zones gets sold out and tourists often had to change their plans. But with the introduction of Panaarpani zone, tourists have more option to enjoy core zone jungle safari in two different safari zones. Panaarpani zone will have separate entrance gate. This entrance gate will be close from Pachmarhi (approx. 18kms) and around 75kms from Madhai entrance gate. Thus, those tourists, staying near Madhai gate, will not be able to undertake safari or Panarpani zone but those staying in Pachmarhi hotels, will enjoy jungle safari in this zone. Interested tourists can go online to do permit booking for this new core zone.

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