Satpura national park safari booking

Satpura National Park Safari Booking


For safari booking of Satpura national park or other national parks of Madhya Pradesh like Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park, Pench, Panna, just WhatsApp on 8989007070. Safari permits of all popular national parks should be booked in advance, especially if date lies on weekends or festivals or on government holidays. Due to its popularity, many times safari permits get fully booked, in advance due to which last moment visitors often don't get core zone permits thus do visit to buffer zone areas. Here core zone safaris are operated from three popular entry gates i.e. Madhai gate, Panarpani gate and Bheemkund gate. Among them, Madhai gate is most popular one due to large quota of safari permits, availability of accommodation options and easy accessibility from cities like Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore, Sanchi. Here safaris are operated through open jeeps in which maximum 06 adult visitors are allowed. If any child is below 05 years, he/she may be accommodated in the same vehicle as 7th person else not. All visitors are counted at entry gate, their original identity cards (Voter id, Passport, Adhaar card, Driving License, PAN card) are checked so must carry during all safari drives. For safari booking, just contact us on WhatsApp to check the availability and other information.

Safari Booking

Online safari permit booking link:
Before proceeding for safari booking with us, please be clear that this website is of "Indus Excursion" and not a government departmental website. Being a registered wildlife tour operator, working since 2008, we are providing ticket booking service to everyone. For safari booking of Satpura national park, first of all decide, which safari zone you would like to visit. Majority of tourists prefers to do safari in core zones thus they are more popular and remains in demand. Here core zones are Madhai zone, Panarpani zone, Bheemkund (Churna) zone. They all are in different directions and at long distance from each other thus if you are staying in Pachmarhi then choose Panarpani zone as it is close from there. If you are staying at Madhai side hotels then choose Madhai zone and if you are nearby Betul city then choose Bheemkund gate. Among them Madhai zone is more popular due to its scenic beauty and large quota of safari permits. Here safaris are done by corssing the river thus safari cost is little bit different from other zones. Every safari cost consists of permit fee, vehicle fee, guide fee. For safari booking just arrange following information of all the visitors:

  • Visitor Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Father/Husband Name
  • Country
  • ID Type
  • ID Number
Without having above information, of all visitors, permit booking is not possible. Prepare this information of all the visitors and visit the ticket counter for booking or do it online. In case of any confusion, just drop your message to our WhatsApp number (8989007070). It will save your time and efforts. While adding the names, make sure spelling should be correct and enter all the names at one run. Once ticket is prepared, names can be edited. For safari booking, fee is charged in advance. According to booked safari zone and time, do visit to your safari zone. Here safari guide service is mandatory. Here registered safari vehicle are used for jungle safaris. For foreigner tourists, only there active passport is considered as their ID document and on the basis of passport details, safari permits can be booked.

Safari Costing Myth

It has been noted that many times tourists, who have already booked their permit, assumes the permit fee as safari fee and challenges our safari cost. Please note the rate printed on safari permit fee is a ticket fee charge, which entitles you for safari drive. In addition to permit fee, a safari cost includes many other charges also like guide fee, safari vehicle fee, boat service fee (at Madhai). Here in Satpura national park, jeep fee varies as per local conditions thus you will find different jeep fee at Panarpani zone, Madhai zone, Bheemkund gate. Charges of safari vehicle fee, guide fee, boat fee are not printed on safari permit but are mandatory to pay for safari drive. Here in Madhai gate, we have to cross the river (on entry & exit), by official boat and vehicles are present on other side of river thus boating charge is also added in safari fee due to which safari cost varies in compare to other gates.

Premium & Non-premium Dates Concept

Now from October 2021, safari permit fee, safari vehicle fee were revised or in other words fee has been increased due to which safari charges increased. Safari rates are decided as per weekdays and weekend pattern. Weekdays are from Monday to Friday are termed as non-premium dates and Weekends days i.e.Saturday to Sunday are termed as premium days. In addition to Saturday, Sunday, new-year period is also put in premium date category and thus cost will remain high in these premium dates.

Safari cost variation

At Satpura national park Madhai gate, some safari versions are offered at ticket counter. They are as per different safari routes for different parts of forest areas like Keriya round, Lagda camp round etc and according to these options, total safari cost may vary. Safari cost may also vary if safari vehicle is called at your hotel as safari vehicle operator takes additional fee for this service and thus according to distance from entry gate, this fee may vary. Our rates are from entry gate and vehicle will not come to hotel for pick & drop. If hotel pick & drop required, then cost will increase. If you want to avoid this additional charge, just reach entry gate by your own vehicle, park it and hire the safari vehicle from gate.

Safari Cancellation

Due to some emergency or unavoidable reasons, we may have to cancel our travel plan thus safaris are also need to be cancelled. Thus it is important to know our cancellation rule:

  • Last 2-day cancellation = 100% cancellation charge
  • 3-14 Days = 25% cancellation charge + Portal fee of 100 INR.
  • 15 - 29 Days = 50% cancellation charge + Portal fee of 100 INR.
  • 30 or more days = Portal fee of 100 INR.
Please note that once safari is cancelled, booking can't be reversed thus take your decision carefully and notify the cancellation schedule to us. For permit cancellation, we will require your safari ticket to fetch the details, search the ticket and do the cancellation.

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