Satpura national park

Satpura Safari Timing


Read about safari timings of Satpura national park. Here jungle safaris are operated through 3 popular core zone safari gates i.e. Madhai gate, Bheemkund gate and Panaarpani gate. Here Madhai gate allows us to do jungle safari in Madhai safari zone. Similarly Panaarpani gate is for those tourists who are staying at Pachmarhi hotels and allows access to Panaarpani zone. Third popular gate is Bheemkund gate which allows access to Bheemkund zone which is popularly referred as Churna safari zone. We operates jungle safaris through all these entrance gates.

Madhai 150 km Madhai Zone Parsapani Zone, Jamani Dev
Panaarpani (Pachmarhi) 200 km Panaarpani Zone Burgodi (Pipariya)
Bheemkund 150 km Bheemkund (Churna) Zone Mallupura

Satpura national park Safari Timing

At Madhya Pradesh, all national park safari timings are adjusted according to timing of sunrise and sunset. Safari timing decisions are taken by national park management team and thus they retain the right to change the safari timing as per situation, at anytime, without any formality of prior notification. Being a genuine wildlife loving tourists, we have to follow those instructions. According to change in timing of sunrise and sunset, small variation in safari timing can be noticed, in compare to last month timing. When we book safari permit, we can see the safari timing information given on it. Below given safari time table is for core zone safaris of Satpura national park. Buffer zone safari timing may vary as per situation. Always try to reach the entry gate, with safari permit and original identity documents of all visitors, 30 minutes before safari gate opening time. Verification formalities takes sometime so early reporting at entry gate will save our precious safari time.

Month Morning Safari Evening Safari Nature Walk
October 06:00 - 11:30 hrs. 15:00 - 18:00 hrs. As per safari timing
November 06:15 - 11:30 hrs. 15:00 - 17:45 hrs. As per safari timing
December 06:30 - 11:30 hrs. 15:00 - 17:30 hrs. As per safari timing
January 06:45 - 11:30 hrs. 15:00 - 17:45 hrs. As per safari timing
February 06:30 - 11:30 hrs. 15:00 - 18:15 hrs. As per safari timing
March 05:45 - 11:30 hrs. 16:00 - 18:45 hrs. As per safari timing
April 05:45 - 11:30 hrs. 16:00 - 18:45 hrs. As per safari timing
May 05:30 - 11:30 hrs. 16:00 - 18:50 hrs. As per safari timing
June 05:30 - 11:30 hrs. 16:00 - 19:00 hrs. As per safari timing

Madhai Gate Safari Timing

If you are looking for Madhai zone safari timing then above given table is best to get an idea. Madhai zone lies in core zone category. During some important departmental activity, park management retains the right to change the safari timing for few days.

Bheemkund (Churna) Gate Safari Timing

Bheemkund gate is usually referred as Churna safari gate as it allows fastest access to Churna forest area. This forest is popular for good tiger sighting thus many tiger lovers prefers to do jungle safaris through this gate. Here we use Bheemkund gate for jungle safaris. In this safari, first we drive through buffer zone and after drive of about 30 minutes, we enters into a core zone forest area. Thus here safari timing have special provision to allow tourists to enter 30 minutes before actual safari opening time so that they may reach core zone forest as per regular time. This decision was taken by top authority for this gate only. Here limited safari vehicles are available thus do your booking in advance through us. We operate jungle safaris from this gate.

Panaarpani Gate Safari Timing

Panaarpani gate allows access to Panaarpani zone safari. It is a core zone whose entry gate is located on the travel route of Pipariya to Pachmarhi. It is very good safari option for tourists staying at Pachmarhi. Above given safari time table is suitable to know this gate entrance timing. Just ensure that you leave your Pachmarhi hotel 40-45 minutes before opening time as travel distance is long and route is hilly. Here early entry is highly recommended.

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