Satpura national park

History of Satpura National Park


Satpura National Park is nurtured in the Satpura Range of Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh. With inclusion of Pachmarhi & Bori Sanctuaries, Satpura Tiger Reserve it covers 1427 km2. It came into light by British Officer Captain J. Forsyth when he was in action against Indian freedom fighter during 1857. Captain Forsyth belongs to Bengal Cavalry Regiment and was in search of famous freedom fighter Tantya Tope. While following the information, he accidently reached the highlands of Central India and find the place suitable for military base to have better control over the region. Their are many websites in which it was described that Captain Forsyth reached here in year 1962 which is seems to be incorrect as freedom fighter Tantya Tope was active in famous revolt of year 1857 and he was captured in year 1859 and hanged in same year thus there is no question of following him in year 1862. During that period, this forest was part of Central Province. This can be considered as the modern history of Satpura Tiger Reserve. It was the Captain James Forsyth who put light over this region and started maintaining proper record of the region. From that incidence, British India Government considered its importance and made permanent establishments over the region. This was the turning point of the history of Satpura forest area.

Timeline of Satpura Tiger Reserve

Let us check the timeline of Satpura national park to know the important historical mile stones of the journey of Satpura Tiger Reserve forest area.
1 1857 Capt. James Forsyth reached Highlands of Pachmarhi
2 1864 Colonel Pearson implemented fire protection measures
3 1916 D. O. Witt prepared checklist of Plants, Trees & Shurbs
4 1975 Creation of Bori Sanctuary
5 1981 Notification of Satpura National Park
6 1999 Declaration of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve
7 2000 Satpura Tiger Reserve notified
8 2007 Notification of Critical Tiger habitat
9 2010 Buffer Zone notified

Ancient History

Central India region has 02 important mountain ranges i.e. Vindhyachal range and Satpura mountain range. Both the mountain ranges are the important forest area of Central India region offering shelter to large variety of mammals, birds and reptiles. Since past, these mountain ranges have untouched forest area where human society avoided to destroy or establish their accommodation. Still some tribal peoples have their presence who cut themselves from main stream of human society. The area of Satpura range forest is considered as the view point of archeology of human evolution as here we can find large number sites having rock-shelters and rock painting ranging from 1500 to 10000 years old. In these pictures we can find the images of Tigers, Deers, Lions, Elephants, Porcupines etc. It means in ancient time, Elephants and Lions were present in these forest areas. World famous Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, having status of UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also very close from Satpura national park.

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